Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A message from Vasily Rodionov on New Year's Eve

My dear friends!
It is a great pleasure for me this solemn evening to say a word of sincere and bring my congratulations to all of you in your cosy houses, wishing all the best in coming New Year. Despite the opinion of the majority, this moment is not only a change of the number of the year, it’s a special step for all of us. For somebody it is big, for others really small. Somebody decided to break up with bad habit, somebody - to start a new life. Tomorrow. Right now. All of us have a special and unique sense of change, atmosphere of this freshness. To put it frankly, the older I get, the more I realize that one year after another bring more and more positive things. More experience. More knowledge. More light. More life. So let me wish you all to multiply the good of the year passing by and put in in the next one. No matter which plans you have for the coming year, which at this wonderful moments comes closer and closer - let them all come true.
This magnificent year was a year of very big changes for me. These were changes in all, absolutely all aspects of my life. I changed the country where I live. I changed home. I graduated school and entered University. A lot of things, which are hard to remember from the top of my head, have changed. Almost all. To compare with the beginning of this year, its first day, I now eat completely different food, drink completely different water and breathe completely different air. I never experienced anything similar in my life. I am a different man now. And I feel very good about my present, my now, and especially my future. With the help of my dear family and many other people I achieved a lot. And I have a lot to be thankful about. Now I feel the right moment to say a word of thankfulness to all of you. We did a lot together. Experienced a lot and changed a lot. I have already called this year the year of changes as the previous one was a year of events. And I did it right: it anyway is.
Now, when it is almost half an hour left until this invisible time barrier, let me speak frankly, as I already do while making this spontaneous speech. I want you all in the coming year to change in your life, and turn as much as possible from its negative to a positive side. I expect the coming year to be a year of something magic, a year of mysterious and kind fairy tale, which we are all about to write. And I wish you the same. I want you to be happy as I am now. Right now. Three. Two. One...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Interior, Design advice

Recently found in the Internet pictures of these six wonderful electric chandeliers. They are so beautiful, and can fit probably any interior, all made before 1918. Do you like them? I decided to buy the same [when I have money, ha-ha!]

Monday, August 12, 2013

Things Get Busy

As you probably already understood from the title, I'm handling with my new job and insurance company. It goes tough, but it still goes!

Monday, August 5, 2013

My Two New Jobs

This week was pretty much adventurous. After a little fight with my Mum and her mentioning that I am not employed (and being right), I considered to spontaneously find a job and figure out how it feels (I had a job before, a while ago, but this Summer I didn't).

Monday, July 1, 2013

Preliminary Word

What are the Events? Those are the things that happen. They do happen in a matter of place and time.
Who am I? I am Narrator. World knows me as Vasily Rodionov, Internet knows me as Diego Avery, you know me as Narrator.
Please consider that this is a six-year blog. Thus, until the last day of June, 2019, it will be a living formation. The new publications, a.k.a. "posts" will appear on a weekly basis, every Monday, summarizing the last week's events. A lot of recently taken pictures will be published.