Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Anatomy mid-term exam: passed

It was a nervous day. Nervous, first of all, because of a mid-term exam. I am so glad to tell you that I have successfully passed it, and all my fears are seems to be far back now. All the previous week I was living on pins and needles: pass or fail, pass or fail? And the bright conclusion is now all mine. Well, it was a little tough for me, because it's one of my first exams on this topic, which is the axial skeleton of a human. Professor is not so bad, and during the exam she was not really terrible. Just, I would say, she tried to be as fair as she could.
From the beginning of a day I was this nervous. My alarm sounded at seven, but I hardly got up after eight, as first of all I was really sleepy. Yesterday, after going to bed really late the day before, I woke up at four and got up at five o'clock, and ate my traditional morning cereal, listening to Roxette's "Milk and toast and honey" and greeting the bright morning sun, which was sharing its first light from the gap between houses down the street which I could see from the balcony window, which is actually a glass door. Today the morning was very different. I hardly kicked myself out of bed at around eight or later, excusing my own sleepiness with a traditional statement that there is still somebody in the bathroom showering or doing something else. I knew that it won't be superfluous to repeat the material once more before the beginning of a student's day.
Around that time, when somebody who was there released himself from the bathroom and made me comfortable to use it, I did so. After the morning preparations, I had a feeling of being completely alone in the house eating my breakfast, that's how quiet it was. After finishing it, I fortunately did not missed the train which was early enough before my ticket expired, however I had to run two stations to overtake it. It stood in front of the traffic lights before arriving to the second station, so I took an advantage. Yes, boston is probably the only city in the world where you can stand in a traffic jam in subway. It's actually a subway only in downtown area, in the suburbs it's a streetcar tram.
And now let me explain what a Murphy law is. When after my first lesson, which was college writing, I rushed to the second one and entered the subway station, a man was playing Vivaldi's music on a violin. "Great", I thought, "I just missed my car, and it will probably take met a long time to wait for another. I'll enjoy this beautiful music". The next moment the tram arrived on the station. There are four lines, going to Boston College, Brigham Circle, Riverside and Heath street, and the tram which arrived was none of the other three. It was mine. The previous one also had the same destination.
The second lesson was Management, after which I had an almost three-hour gap because the professor ended his lecture earlier. After the gap I had a lecture and the quiz, which was only half an hour long so the class was released at half past eight, not at ten o'clock, as usual. Being glad that I passed it, I went home with a light heart. Studying axial skeleton of a human is interesting, but it is as interesting as difficult. I had a lot of problems during the test because at some responsible moments my memory betrayed me. I knew the things I learned, but I could not remember the names. However, everything ended with "passed", and I am very glad to share my new achievement with you.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Siren arrest and Boston College neighborhood

On this significant and important for all of us day, let me first of all congratulate the people of the World, and especially, citizens, permanent residents and guests of the United States of America with this, I would say, first success; and at the same time, unfortunately, to bring one more condolence to our neighbors, people of Canada. If you are a person of news, that would be interesting for you; if I am the first one to show you this, take your time to release the emotions first, then continue reading. You understood everything correctly. The Siren, after she was arrested and cussed out the policemen, was kicked off the country. Really a first-ass [oh, sorry, class] effect on her public! So, at this point let me continue the scrapbook. Daily News, Boston Metro, then The New York Times, The Boston Globe and, believe it or not, The Wall Street Journal:
This is everything I have at the moment and, unfortunately, no more papers. Looks like the Siren is not disappointed about her arrest at all! The thing I regret the most now is that I don't have a chance to buy Miami Herald or other Floridian periodicals. Would be very nice to. Such an issue!
For those of you who is still able to think about something different, here are my today's photos from Boston College neighbourhood:

Monday, January 20, 2014

Line at Museum of Fine arts, my kitchen and cafe food review

Good evening my friends!
I have another food review for you today, but first of all I'd like to show you Museum of Fine Arts. I will show you today's pictures in chronological order, as they were taken. I went to the institute today to find out some things I was interested in, and on my way I say a huge row of people standing in front of the museum. I didn't know what was there, probably an exhibition connected with Martin Luther King (it's his day, by the way), probably just a free entrance, but the row looked like it was McDonalds in Soviet Union.
On this picture probably Porsche, or that funny guy in glasses were subjects that captured your attention  primarily, but here's the better image of the crowd:
This one was also made with iPhone. It is greatly detailed, try to magnify the image.
I always wondered how epic that guy poses sitting on his horse.
And that was not the end of the line. If I moved away further and took a picture from there, the entrance of the Museum would not be seen. No, really, what do all those people expected to see there? The line moved really slowly.
I came to the doors of the institute and of course, in observation of Martin Luther King day they were tightly closed. What a good reason not to work!
I decided to visit my favorite Blue Glass Cafe on Clarendon street and taste my heavenly French waffle (that's what I'm talking about):
But as you have probably already tumbled to, its doors were closed as tightly as my institute's.
So I went to Flour bakery & Cafe, which was very close there. In Flour, there are wonderful Breakfast egg sandwiches, which I missed a lot, so I headed there. Frankly speaking, I like Blue Glass more, because they cook large size cappuccinos and my favorite waffle, in Flour there are only small cappuccinos, and sometimes there are delicious chocolate puffs available. Today they weren't. In one word, even when it's a day off, Monday remains Monday.
Having no choice I headed to Flour and took a breakfast egg sandwich there. Replacing the chocolate puff I took a Boston Creme cake (what a name!) to try. It was always there but i never tried it before.
 My favorite coffee is cappuccino now. I used to love americano before, now I like it too but my taste has changed a little bit. I don't understand those who adores espresso. It's a drop of energy.
 Breakfast egg sandwich with bacon I wrote about. I don't eat that red thing (probably it's a sort of pepper) and the grass which looks like plantain, without them it has an unrepeatable taste.
 The creme cake disappointed me. Its name is very good, fully describes what it is. Too fatty I think it is.
 That field in Boston Public Garden was still in snow after the snowfall on the day before yesterday. The snowman and a fir tree were greatly combined on this winter photo.
 Beacon street.
 Small island at the Esplanade, near Hatch shell.
 Museum of Science is right behind the bridge.
 Yes, after the snowfall the ground, especially where the grass grew, was really slippery. A nice place for this sign.
 What could leave such a trail?
 Sunset at Melissa walkway.
 Something far away, in the direction of Fenway, looked like a small tornado, but was not moving. Was it an unusual cloud, or a smoke from somebody's colossal chimney?
 What a nice contrast in the colors of the sky!
 Garlands look very nice on that balcony. A lot of houses still keep them after New Year holidays.
 Garden on the roof is now not such a rare spectacle, but in Boston it is still to be introduced.
 Commonwealth avenue mall, which is like a long, long corridor park-alley, with garlands on the trees. Looked very festively, but from another point of view, very calm and romantic, especially at those evening moments.
 It was almost dark and the sky was pink and dark-blue, but on these photos it's very bright.
 Nice house of white stone. Pay attention to the cylinder shaped window above the door.
 On another building, there is a similar window, but it looks very different.
 Commonwealth avenue. The road diverges there, and on that place there is a lantern. Nice design solution.
 Massachusetts turnpike and Prudential tower.
 Again Museum of Fine Arts entrance, with no people in front of it. Looks like they all saw what they wanted to see.
 It's such a mysterious building at night! Looks so haunted and even a little creepy.
 Base of a huge crane. They are usually on a special kind of platform and on rails, but this one is attached to a concrete block on the ground.
 Construction site at Brigham circle.
 Boston skyline how it is seen from our balcony. Prudential tower and John Hancock building are seen very well.
 To conclude, I'll show you the kitchen at the place where I live. It is common, I share it with my two apartment mates and the landlord, who lives with us. Nice kitchen, and design is almost in my taste. That's the perfect kitchen for shared apartment as my one; in family houses or flats there must be another interior in the kitchen, much more cozy.
 The old stove, which my landlord is about to get rid of. He forbids to prepare the food on red tables on the sides, the only place for it is that board in the middle. He is crazy about tidiness, but on the other hand there's nothing bad about it.
 Dining table.
 My landlord is always infuriated about anything wet on the cooking table, so me and my apartment mates have to dry the dishes with a towel on this nightstand.
Looks like I'll go to bed late today, again. I have to get up (and I'll try not to forget to wake up too) early tomorrow. On Wednesday I have a lot of classes, so I'd better enter the schedule as early as possible. Thank you, and have a good night!