Monday, March 14, 2016

Nothing Talk

Again Monday, again new week! Greetings, dear subscribers and those who just happened to read this, and good luck in all for the week ahead! I guess I could write wonderful screenplays for my videoblog, but unfortunately I’m much worse as a videoblogger than a traditional-type text blogger. Anyways, thanks to You, dear readers, this blog exists and will exist. Knowing that someone is reading it, and that someone is interested in it makes it a much more enjoyable process. And this interesting fact will lead us to the topic which is up to discussion for this week. So let me summarize and round this up: I am a very bad videoblogger (at least much better as a writing blogger) and probably some of You are as well, which only means that I'm an awful speaker but an acceptable (and hopefully, an appreciable) writer. But why is that happening to me, and to so many other people? Everybody around us seem to talk, to have conversations for hours, and pretty much enjoy it, while we cannot drop a word after five minutes of thinking what to say next. Are we so much smarter than they and value words too much, or the opposite, so much dumber that we can't even come up with a random topic to talk about? A very interesting discussion on this topic, stirred by a famous blogger Sean Cooper, a.k.a. "The Shyness & Social Anxiety Guy", which can be viewed here: , leads us to a better understanding of the phenomenon. Let's dig a little deeper to the problem.

8 March marked a very important Socialist holiday - International Working Womens Day, and since most of the local population, as well as the majority of those who had lobotomy performed on them, are Socialist Bernie Sanders supporters, this holiday was widely appreciated and hoorayed.
To the people who underwent lobotomy in any of its kind. 
I am sorry if I offended you in any way. I understand that lobotomy sometimes can be vitally important, and that you underwent it doesn’t mean that you are so stupid that you are a feminist and/or support Bernie Sanders. I generalized. It is a very rare occasion that I give a formal apology, especially on my blog, so you are special. Once again, I do not think that if you had lobotomy you are so stupid that you are a feminist or a Bernie Sanders supporter, no; I do not equalize you to those people. Please don’t take it so personal if you did.

For those of you who are not following me on Facebook (and I really recommend you to do so: if my blog is entitled "Events", my Facebook feed should probably have the name "Thoughts"), here is what I wrote about the International Working Women's Day on 8 March: “The public recognition and widespread celebration of International Working Women’s Day in the United States is not something unexpected or sensational: the desire of the Society for as called Socialist Alternative, combined with the natural desire to bring changes and make something what was considered abnormal or even illegal before totally normal, if not appreciated, and vice versa, is also coherent, and follows particular patterns in political and economic life of the Country. However, the rise of Socialism in the United States is not necessarily a decay of Modern American Society; instead, repeating the mistakes of History is still learning, yet learning on own experience, which proves to be much more effective. My personal predictions for the future are rather positive: unlike the other countries, such as China, East Germany, Russia, Czechoslovakia, etc., America’s experience with Socialism will be very brief and synoptic: as soon as the average population will perceive the cost of the benefits it brings, its popularity will fall dramatically. There will be no such American prototype of Great October Socialist Revolution or Chinese Communist Revolution, at least that can be said for sure.” Otherwise, if you are still with me, I am inviting you to follow up. Leaving the rest of the politics to dumber people, let's continue with what actually have occurred.

Monday, March 7, 2016

On Opinion of the Others, and Why it Matters

Since the earliest years of the developing Humankind and Society, Culture played a major role in educating and improving the human-to-human relationships. Accordingly, as the time went by and Development started to show off its first signs in the form of Common Sense, point of view and Opinion, the latter mattered not less than any other aspect of human interactions, in fact, it was one of the most important type of interactions. Opinion, how and why it matters? In modern Society, it is not rare to hear the claims of very diverse people that they are totally uninterested in a different party’s opinion on them.

First things first, yesterday was a true Leap Day because I got home early enough and... [drumroll] did my laundry!! [ba dum tss!] How often do I do my laundry? Twice a year maybe? But don’t be disgusted so easily, I live at my parents’ twice a year and do my laundry on a much more regular basis, plus I have so many T-shirts that I hardly wear them all.
The first week of March is to first week of Spring, but only officially, calendarically so to say. In reality it’s not as much of the first week of Spring. While reading that, you probably thought that “not as much the first week of Spring” probably means that the snow is still present, and it’s very cold, but in reality it’s the opposite, the snow is long gone! By “it’s not much of the first week” I meant that, like, it’s not the first one already! The snow is long gone!

Yesterday was the leap day, so I decided to mark it in my memory by getting a haircut and being photographed on a full volume, i.e. in three dimensions. For the second time in my life (since the original photo, taken in November, was lost as you remember)! A nice headshot I guess, although a pretty low quality even for early XXI century (yeah, I’m writing this already assuming that somebody will come across my blog many years from present). They asked me there at a 3D printing station if I would like it printed for twenty something dollars, I agreed, of course, for such price is very fair.
The official first day of the spring also found me in a very good mood. I got up and decided to do a topknot out of my undercut, which my neighbor called a pony tail and laughed upon when he saw me at the kitchen. I changed my mind upon a topknot, but he assured me it was a kind, surprised type of laugh. Well, we’ll live and see! Later that day (it was Tuesday) I didn’t want to go on the Physics Laboratory, oh how I didn’t want to go there, and it turned out, vainly. There were only two persons not counting me (my will eventually became stronger than my desire, and I came, although a little late), third one came closer to the end of the practice and started making the experiment on his own.
It was Wednesday, I guess, when I learned that Leonardo DiCaprio got an Oscar. Well, goodbye all the old jokes about him. I read it in the Instagram. To be honest, I also sin: during the breakfast sometimes I love to check the news feed on social media and drop a couple racist, sexist and offensive comments here and there (thumbs up who remembers my quatrain about myself and my behaviour in the Internet!)

Tonight, as it usually happens on the night from Sunday to Monday, I did not have a chance to sleep due to having way too much homework to be submitted due Monday morning and my obligation to be present at the University early that (i.e. this) morning. I left the site at about two o’clock at night, and had to be back in just three hours, which left me only about an hour and a half (subtracting the time I spent to get home and back) to change my clothes, wash my face and perform all the necessary morning toilettes. During this academic year, it was my first extreme night, if that’s the word. Being a smart person and getting some sleep beforehand, I am not sleepwalking now, neither I was at night when I took those interesting photos. I went home, but I was so late that when I made it there it was almost the time to get up, a little more than an hour, so it made no sense to go to bed. So I took advantage of it, and without any rush took pictures of the night city, of the places which I usually pass and don’t even look on.
Night Boston is a totally different city from what it is during the day. It looks abandoned, somewhat creepy. I ride my skateboard home, and still every little sound or silhouette on the other side of the road gave me those little goosebumps, which we, guys, usually never mention or accept we have those from time to time, so take advantage of me. Pictures shown here were taken tonight. I travelled from the Fens past Landmark Center to the C line of MBTA (the one that goes to Cleveland Circle), and followed it up to the last station, which is where I live. Around here, there is a lot of gossip regarding what happens in the high grass of the Fens during the night. I pass those grasses almost every night, and to be frank, I never saw or heard anything. Well, gossip is gossip. I use the road along the C line not only because it is the shortest way for me to get home, the asphalt is good and there is a bike lane all along the way, but also because I like it. I am the kind of person who would prefer long but landscapeous road to short but boring; in this case, I’m just lucky: the shortest way home is also the most interesting one. With time, however, we get tired of things, and I’m sure I will not be an exception.

As I passed along the streetcar line, I passed through an abandoned city. I did not meet a person, except for the electric workers who were fixing or repairing the overhead line which the streetcar contacts when running. The strange thing was that they actually have a special tram - transformer vault for fixing the overhead line (I wonder how do they call it, “tramsformer”?), but they still put an entire two trucks on railway wheels to do that (see the pictures).