Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We don't treasure each other

We don't treasure each other. And not only each other, but also everything that surrounds us. Most of all, people suffer from the loss of the personalities of their life, those who are close to them, who form their biography. And the biography itself, we don't treasure it too.On the second thought, we don't treasure anything at all. Some say that people are arrogant, that they treasure themselves, but that's not true. Why do we smoke then, drink alcohol or worse, drugs? We ruin ourselves, and somewhat more emotionally than physically, we destroy our nerve cells with huge emotions and feelings for something so small that is actually nothing. We argue with our relatives for minor things without any shadow of understanding why. But that is not what I want to convey.
I returned home at two today, later than planned, because I decided to go food shopping at the very last moment, when I was passing by the supermarket. When I finally made it to home, I could have a rest. Tuesday is that day when I can have a break from my university routine and get my breath, unless there is some unplanned work. Today there wasn’t.
I decided to watch one film, which had a very big influence on me the first time I watched it. When I was a junior school student,

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