Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How dreams are turned into reality

Brain, as a leading organ of the body, can do virtually amazing things. There has been a lot of scientifically proved facts which explained how people did something which was almost impossible. Great inventions were made, majestic buildings were erected and unreachable heights were achieved just because people had a dream, and with the dream it all started.
The most astonishing thing here is that having a dream, the man who has it changes the world around him, and can't even notice that! It all happens because a dream gives birth to idea. Anything, absolutely anything that can be imagined, is somehow real. Even the most fantastic, the most unreal products of human imagination, dream. Think of the following: could people five hundred years ago believe that they will fly? They had a dream then. They told fairy-tales to their children, saw themselves flying when sleeping at night, they believed. But then anybody knew that it was absolutely impossible. And now, how often do we fly? Very often. We communicate by planes and here is another thing: remember the novel "Around the World in eighty days" by Jules Verne. One hundred forty years ago it was nearly impossible to circumnavigate the globe in eighty days, and now, what is the fastest flight of a spacecraft around the ball? An hour? Or less? And what about the Internet? Could a per sot thirty years ago imagine that he will have the access to the entire human knowledge with a chance to find necessary information immediately?
Those are all examples of the "unreal". Why do we limit ourselves then, what else can we think of?
When having a dream, we also have an attitude of achieving it. That is how the plan is born. After the plan, all the rest is basically a drift: we start living for it. When somebody wants something very much, he will do the small steps towards the marked goal. The dream itself, and the goal can be completely forgotten, but the subconscious does its business. No results come immediately, and before achieving the goal, in most cases a lot of disappointments come. Sometimes a person can even be so disappointed that he will not want his aim anymore, like a scared dog who was hit once for the bold attempt to steal a sausage. But the memory is stubborn, and nothing bothers it. Once bitten, twice shy, a person will look for another ways to come to a cherished sausage, which everyone has his own. Sooner or later another attempts come. Why a boy, who is in love with a girl next door, walks past her home when having completely different problems and regards? We deal with an instinct here. The aim, which is so important to get, is dwelt deep in consciousness. Sometimes results just don't come. But the more time passes, the more the object of desire moves closer to the subject. Or the subject moves closer to the object: in general it makes no sense and depends only on the difficulty and circumstances of the situation.

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