Monday, January 12, 2015

The New Events

Greetings, my dear readers, and welcome to the New Year! As you already could feel, its beginning is not dramatically different from the last year's end. Since this is the first publication this year, I would like to make a couple announcements:
First of all, as you see, the background became a little different. It just comforts me, and hopefully you to. I will be waiting for your comments regarding this.
As I have announced before, this blog is weekly, with a new post every Monday morning, reviewing the previous week. Last Monday I did not publish anything because of some technical problems with the Internet. The thing is, I received a number of complains about the blog being terrible to view and unable to fully download the posts at all. So it took me some time to fix them, what you can refer to as my vacation from the Internet. Now, I'll begin.
The winter holidays, as well as massive post-holiday hangover came to an end, it's time to roll up the sleeves and do the job. As for myself, I had a great holiday and am cheerful and full of energy, as far I hope you too. I've started the winter term at the university, and my new schedule includes a lot of interesting subjects, such as Animal biology with laboratory for it, mathematical analysis and statistics, literature, linguistics, healthcare delivery systems and Internet essentials. About those wonderful subjects, to be more specific, about the first impression of them, I am going to write.
I'll start with the last one. Internet essentials is probably the most interesting lecture from those I am taking now. On the first lecture, professor told me and my groupmates a number of interesting things. Internet is a huge worldwide web, and this is where the abbreviation www comes from.

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