Monday, April 11, 2016

The Morning I Realized I’m a Rooftopper

Five days, four nights without sleep for passing grade. During all my academic life after school, which had been almost three years now, no other session was this hard for me even on my first year. Well, I cannot say that I broke a longest time without sleep record because I napped every about ten hours, but this still made me a living zombie for some time, until I finally got to bed on Tuesday night (surprisingly, by the end of that five-day torture I didn't want to sleep as much as I thought I would. Maybe thanks to the naps?). It proved to be worth that: so far, my academic success is going so good. The previous week, being a vacation (break) for me, was fabulous. And the reason for that was not the length of the vacation itself (just a week, even less in my case, counting Monday and Tuesday as working days (the hardest working days of my entire studentship!) and today as the first day of the Spring term (well, it's actually not - the first lecture is tomorrow, and tomorrow is a busy day too), but the fact that my professors agreed to extend the deadline for me for a couple days, until their own deadline to submit the grades (final decision). It was awesome. From the five subjects I took, three – Astronomy, Chemistry 2, and Laboratory for Chemistry 2, I passed with an excellent grade. My Chemistry Professor, Edward Witten, was kind, understanding and very easy-going. The two rest – Physics 1 and Laboratory for it, were not as encouraging: I failed Physics 1 in purpose to get the best grades possible for the rest of the subjects (I just screw it), and passed the lab with a lower-than average grade thanks to my last minute submissions in addition to what I’ve submitted before (being the four reports required from the five experiments we had). It was an entirely different story how I fought for that grade for Physics Lab (I wrote about what happened with it a couple weeks before).
This boosted my Grade Point Average. I will not be fast enough to reveal it to you, because as it turned out (my pal from Laboratory for Chemistry and Ecology told me) I can just ask my academic advisor to erase some of my really bad grades (most of which I've got due to technical problems with Northeastern's Blackboard system), up to an entire academic semester. There was such - last Summer.
As a compensation for my efforts, something new and wonderful appeared at our dining halls - Nutella. Yes, and it's not a typo - Nutella in unlimited quantities, on a smörgåsbord. So if I am ever reanimated to an emergency room, I want them to know the overdose of what do I have.
THE MORNING which I have mentioned in the title was very late night to early morning-ish hours of 10 April, the day I'm guessing I will remember for my lifetime. Have you ever got that feeling when you were lying on a sofa in Snell library on your side, than on your back, than again on your side, and then suddenly realized that you're a different person now than you were a moment ago, and that your life is totally different now, counting from this particular moment? No? This is awesome because it means that you're a normal person, or not as awesome if you don't want to be one, and if you are/want to be crazy like myself. You know, it's very hard to accept own craziness, but it's a lot of fun I have to say. Walking around all two decades of my life, thinking like "when would I do something like that, I'm not nuts", and suddenly, one sleepy morning hour, answering myself "now". This was yesterday morning which've turned everything upside down. Psychological consequences of life without a PC? (see what I wrote about my Mac previous week) Probably, but definitely good ones. Is it a psychiatric condition which I'm having now? I'm guessing so, and it feels wonderful!
The formula of a reaction which occurs in my body from yesterday and which I have developed today represents the circuits in my brain that occur now, with Craziness reacting with Stupidity resulting in double adrenaline, which can be more easily represented as follows:
Cr + St 2Ad + H2O(l)
Cr - Courage, in a form of a complex of inner-brain electric circuits (or their lack), ;
St - Stupidity, same;
Ad - Adrenaline (Epinephrine), hormone fully represented as C9H13NO3
H2O(l) - water in the form of perspiration (diaphoresis), being similar to the processes such as condensation or distillation.
Given that, we can imagine the reaction above in a more detailed way, being:
Cr + St 2(C9H13NO3) + H2O(l)
It is important to keep in mind that excretion of water, being represented as ↑, is not outgassing, i.e. vaporization, but liquidation instead.
This all seems logical, but the question is, Gentlemen, why and how did it all start?

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