Friday, February 14, 2014

Once in a hot winter morning...

Weather, are you mad? No, seriously, what's happening? Today, after getting up and cooking my porridge, I went to put it in the balcony, so it will cool down and I'll be able to place it in a fridge so it won't break down immediately. When I got there, holding a bowl with porridge in my hands and putting it on a nearest shelf, I realized that something was unusual, strange. I stood for a minute, thinking what can be wrong, and then I finally understood. I'm not cold. At all. The temperature inside the house was equal to the outside. I was wearing my shirts and a small fitness T-shirt. If you were me, you could also feel this unusual situation. Something like this:
What had happened? If the things I feel are true, why there is snow, it's not melting? I grabbed some with my hand. It was wet and easily shaped a round ball. I bet it's no less than ten above zero. Ridiculous. It's February!
This Sucrawed, when I ran from English to Management (didn't wanted to take a subway and cut out another couple dollars) I passed Boston Common and took a couple shots of the arbor in snow. Decide yourself which one you like more:
 I personally think the first one is better, but on the second those fur decorations can be seen better, that's a beautiful addition to a landscape, isn't it?
Oh yes, I didn't explained you what a Sucrawed is. Since people love to abbreviate, I love to make fun of it. Let's say that I am too lazy to type "Super crazy Wednesday". Of course if I was too lazy to spell, I would write (I'd wrte) a lot of staff like that. But I also treat Sucrawed as a special day of the week which I will have until the end of March, when my recent academic term will end.
I also took a couple shots from my balcony at midnight which bordered the previous week from present one. Here they are:

There are two versions again, I know some people hate it. But both of them are unique, first is darker than the second.
To conclude, here's some pictures illustrating how Stop&Shop at Brigham Circle get prepared for tomorrow's holiday.

The best lane of the whole shop, announcing this fact so hard, is of course closed.

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