Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Let it snow

Let's call it a day. I have just returned from Stop&Shop supermarket, where I was doing my usual food shopping: two gallons of milk, a dozen chicken eggs, cookies, nothing special to sum up, which, however, costed a lot. It was recently wet outside, then it was frosty. On my way home, walking calmly along the dark sidewalk, disturbing nobody and carrying gigantic bags with the items I bought in the supermarket in another one before, I didn't notice the icy puddle. After falling on my knees, sliding a decimeter or two on them, feeling the ground stone very well and then standing still, listening to somebody giggling far away enough not to be touched by me, and kneeling in front of the nearest post, with my pastil bags scattered everywhere around me, I had another chance to think once more about the eternal. Why do they, I don't know who, sow salts and reagents everywhere on the streets, when it's absolutely useless? The only function they (the reagents) do is corroding shoes and tires. I live in a very mountainous neighborhood, where in some places the angle of a road can be up to forty digress, and especially in such an icy weather one can feel it very well. Here's the example:
That's the shot of a street parallel to the one where my house is and perpendicular to the one where I enjoyed sliding on knees a minute or two later when turning right the corner up there.
When I finally came home, with my new jeans completely damaged in the middles (I see they didn't like sliding on concrete slab, neither did my still aching knees), I checked the email. No classes tomorrow. Great. Everybody on Facebook are jumping happily celebrating an extra day-off, and I have an exam in a couple weeks with an only class to get ready for it. What a day! When I told about the exam, somebody was really upset, say, what a nerd here.
Well, cool down. No more pessimistic news! Here's a good idea for a postcard: Fenway this morning:
Yes, it was snowing yesterday and it will snow tomorrow, as they predict, and so do I. Better snow then frost. Hope January second and third's weather will not return: snow and wind and frost at the same time. It was really terrible, I didn't experienced such a storm for a while. But just a snow… guys, come on, it's not the reason to cancel the university classes. It's just a reason for laziness, yes, I can agree on that. How can snow be an obstacle for classes, or work, or anything? It snows, it rains, it shines, and so what? Just let it snow.
So, I will have a day-off tomorrow. Well, if I look on it from the other point of view, it's not so bad, I will have a free day to spend on my own, I can do a lot of useful things… well, unless I won't be as lazy as those who came up with a decision to cancel the classes, hope I won't.
Snow, when it's clean and really white, gives a certain mood. Let's take, say, summer garden in snow:
That's Prudential center, today. Now imagine how it can look in August, do you see those trees with harvest? Ah, summer! It looks abandoned and forgotten now. At least lanterns are working. Stop, lanterns? Guys, it's daytime! Another example of human stupidity. See?

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