Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunrise, Blue Flowers, Shop Cat and a couple Mansions

Hooray! Release your stress and put on a funnier face, the winter is almost over! Well, I mean the real winter, not the official one. But that's even better! Despite the fact that a couple more cold days are about to come (if you will be naive enough to believe a weather broadcast (not me!), it thinks that today and tomorrow it will be cold in Boston  this disgusting part of the year is almost over, just like its first quarter, which was, frankly, not as bright and cheerful for me, so I am glad to death that the spring is finally coming to us. It visited us a couple times this month and now it is about to stay. So I'm recommending you to laugh and jump and scream in pleasure.
Okay guys, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have written that. I know, and I can't skip the part that Boston is currently mourning the two firemen who passed away valiantly giving their lives for serving their city and its people. I will have a special post about them, from April second to fourth depending on when all this crape madness will end or at least decrease. But anyways, those two died for us to live, and if you are not from those who can't speak about anything else, dropping fake tears from time to time, I am recommending you to enjoy, no matter what, just enjoy.
For example, watch something very beautiful, just like a sight from my bedroom window at six o'clock in the morning. When my alarm rang and, I sluggishly dropped my hand on it, I turned my face in the opposite direction from it to let Orpheus hug me again, and saw this:
It was Thursday morning and six hours before I had my Algebra exam. I especially love sunrises and this time of the day, its very beginning. Some people are sleepies, but I am an early bird and I love to wake up with the Sun and greet it.
When rushing to the exam, I glimpsed in a yard of a many-floor house. Long, dark corridor, with only a couple weak lamps, where the sound of each of my step echoed resoundingly, leaded me to a well with a square of a sky somewhere above. It was much worse then famous Saint Petersburg's stone bags. I'll try not to complain about the sight from my window anymore. Here is my window, by the way:
Talking about the exam, it was queerly easy for me, I wonder what the results will be. Also, an hour before it I was passing by Boson Public Garden and took another shot of this landscape, as you can see, my new favorite, now with spring background:
On Friday I was at Prudential center and saw a new hydrangea garden there. How beautiful it is! In Boston it is a popular flower for both indoor and outdoor keeping, but here in  Prudential I saw it for the first time a week ago.
Take a closer look. The color is magic, isn't it? Blue hydrangea is my favorite flower. I think a gardener who works there, together with florist and designer did a great job.

This cute creature was watching me from the window of the shop in front of Young Men Christian Association on Huntington avenue. Hopefully the kitty reassures people from buying soda.

This evening I happened to be in West Roxbury and also made several photos for my sketch.

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