Monday, March 17, 2014

The Coming of Spring

In our latitude, winter is the most dreary and long season, during which the nature sleeps expecting for the first warm rays of the Sun. Forests and parks are still; only squirrels run here and there searching for food and sedentary birds please stranger’s ear with their songs beg for some seeds or dry corn. Everything is silent but old trees, which creak bended by severe frosty wind.
March. This special, unforgettable, full of magic and blossom period is one of my favorite months. I love it because during this third month of calendar year nature awakens from its long winter sleep, preparing itself for the following season, full of life and energy. Alike people in big cities, creatures of the old forest become active, cheerful, and it seems a good mood overflows them. Alternatively to November but in reverse, this time of year makes noiseless, morose, covered with white shroud forest into a living space, in which every single organism makes some movement, some sound. More or less, everything around adds life to this spectacular scenery.

How beautiful are places of New Hampshire, Massachusetts or Connecticut this time of year!

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