Thursday, July 17, 2014

The prince of a golden land

Come to me, my cherished child, and tell your sacred father on what bedevils your young soul. If you will stop crying, my infant confessor, you will make the prince of a golden land feel happy, because your story can not be compared with his one. Do you know who he is? Take a seat on my knee, darling, relax and listen to the sounds of a fireplace nearby.  I will tell you about the prince of a golden land and about his life.
In those days which you do not remember, thirteen summers ago, when the Georgians counted the year 2001, a boy was born to an unknown woman. The suckling was left by the mother at the doors of a hospital where he was born several days ago, for the reasons only the mother knew. It was the evening in November, and when the night passed and the first rays of the Sun rose above the horizon, the child was found by the hospital workers who came to change those who worked all night. The kind three nurses, when seeing the white package lying on the stairs, did not understood what it was, but then heard it breathing. The nurses knew what to do, and in five minutes the boy was delivered to the intensive care unit of a hospital. His life was saved, and the doctors said that it was a miracle for a newborn to survive a cold night outside.
The working staff of the hospital started researching for a baby's mother, but nothing gave results. On the place where she left him, there was a security video camera which recorded the mother leaving her child and walking away the evening before, but the video recording gave a very poor image of mother's face, which was not enough for her identification. The cause with an abandoned baby was advertised, but a month had passed and nobody still needed the boor baby, and so, as it is usually done, on the first day of the new year he was sent to an orphanage. The three nurses, who found the baby one day and saved his life from killing frost, took the most care of him and were against sending him to an orphanage, but they could do nothing against a strict head physician's word, who only obeyed the rules and had a very, very cold heart.
The orphanage was a place of bad, where the toddler, however, grew up kind and life-loving. At first, when the baby was too young, he was headed to a nursery. Ashton, as they called him there, could find a solution for any problem as soon as he began to talk. In the minute of sorrow everybody looked for his shiny face. He was very handsome, with hair of bright orange color and eyes colored by a cloudless sky. He was like a little sun in a grey two-store building. At the age of five he was redirected to the older group, where the contingent was completely different.

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