Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Anatomy mid-term exam: passed

It was a nervous day. Nervous, first of all, because of a mid-term exam. I am so glad to tell you that I have successfully passed it, and all my fears are seems to be far back now. All the previous week I was living on pins and needles: pass or fail, pass or fail? And the bright conclusion is now all mine. Well, it was a little tough for me, because it's one of my first exams on this topic, which is the axial skeleton of a human. Professor is not so bad, and during the exam she was not really terrible. Just, I would say, she tried to be as fair as she could.
From the beginning of a day I was this nervous. My alarm sounded at seven, but I hardly got up after eight, as first of all I was really sleepy. Yesterday, after going to bed really late the day before, I woke up at four and got up at five o'clock, and ate my traditional morning cereal, listening to Roxette's "Milk and toast and honey" and greeting the bright morning sun, which was sharing its first light from the gap between houses down the street which I could see from the balcony window, which is actually a glass door. Today the morning was very different. I hardly kicked myself out of bed at around eight or later, excusing my own sleepiness with a traditional statement that there is still somebody in the bathroom showering or doing something else. I knew that it won't be superfluous to repeat the material once more before the beginning of a student's day.
Around that time, when somebody who was there released himself from the bathroom and made me comfortable to use it, I did so. After the morning preparations, I had a feeling of being completely alone in the house eating my breakfast, that's how quiet it was. After finishing it, I fortunately did not missed the train which was early enough before my ticket expired, however I had to run two stations to overtake it. It stood in front of the traffic lights before arriving to the second station, so I took an advantage. Yes, boston is probably the only city in the world where you can stand in a traffic jam in subway. It's actually a subway only in downtown area, in the suburbs it's a streetcar tram.
And now let me explain what a Murphy law is. When after my first lesson, which was college writing, I rushed to the second one and entered the subway station, a man was playing Vivaldi's music on a violin. "Great", I thought, "I just missed my car, and it will probably take met a long time to wait for another. I'll enjoy this beautiful music". The next moment the tram arrived on the station. There are four lines, going to Boston College, Brigham Circle, Riverside and Heath street, and the tram which arrived was none of the other three. It was mine. The previous one also had the same destination.
The second lesson was Management, after which I had an almost three-hour gap because the professor ended his lecture earlier. After the gap I had a lecture and the quiz, which was only half an hour long so the class was released at half past eight, not at ten o'clock, as usual. Being glad that I passed it, I went home with a light heart. Studying axial skeleton of a human is interesting, but it is as interesting as difficult. I had a lot of problems during the test because at some responsible moments my memory betrayed me. I knew the things I learned, but I could not remember the names. However, everything ended with "passed", and I am very glad to share my new achievement with you.

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