Thursday, April 17, 2014

Winter's Back?!

This Wednesday brought us all a big and very bad surprise - the snow. Actually the cold weather itself took place during the last couple days - yesterday and today, without a chance to get warmer until next week. Please don't be disappointed by such a words which you read at the very beginning of a post, I can't do anything with that. And since it's so cold in the house and I am going to bed soon, I especially regret about the occasion. Summer lasted for a week, and in the day of Boston Marathon Bombing Anniversary, Mother Nature gave us a generous air with terribly cold air, caused by a Northern cyclone. You will never believe, but yesterday I saw a group of people outside Northeastern University, sitting on the grass field and watching "Toy Story" on a big screen.
Let this encourage you. Believe it or not, it was eight o'clock in the evening when my Biology lecture ended, I left the auditorium, went outside and saw this. Since I, having a T-shirt, a sweater and a good cape, felt frosty and very uncomfortable (that's not the word), I could not believe my eyes.
Today, another picture was waiting for me. Returning home from Maths, I passed Boston common. My experience was simple: Sumer sight with Winter weather. Look at the image in such a warm colors and try to imagine how cold it was there:

However, I can calm you down with a statement that it always goes like this: first the Spring comes, we are all glad, but then the Winter returns and life loses its meaning. But, Summer always comes on time. Don't be disappointed with it! To keep you up, I'll share today's sunset as it was seen from Sunset street (sounds nice, doesn't it?). Stay warm!

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