Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beautiful Moscow

If I will ever have a chance to be a tourist guide in Moscow with my own program, I will not show my tourists all those common attractions which everybody know and which have no difference with the pictures everybody saw. You know which places I am talking about, all those which came up first from the top of your head when you read the name of the city, those which are commonly associated with it. There is another Moscow, the city where people, aborigines, live; city of streets and buildings, buses and trams. I'll give you a pleasure of watching Moscow, as I usually say, "from the inside".
A week ago I left Bulgaria, which was really sad because I enjoyed its sea, sand and sun much more than expected and had only a couple weeks to enjoy it. I consoled myself with the thought that the place I'll go after Bulgaria will not be worse. And so went I.
First of all, the plane, I mean, its construction, surprised me. People were let in the plane through the door in the middle of its fuselage, and my seats were in the second row from the front of the plane. I was surprised by the fact that the cockpit was not on the same level with the seats for passengers, but, more likely, under it. The front part of the plane, from the inside, looked like this:
When I went to Bulgaria, the flight took only two hours, but the return took an hour more since the plane did not fly straight, above Ukraine. Near one o'clock Saturday night, when the plane was landing, all its passengers could see the great field of lights, which I will fainly share with you.

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