Monday, August 18, 2014

Exploring Saint Vlas

The last day of the week is traditionally a day-off all around the globe, and I am not an exception. I am on vacation from the university now, but still I decided to make this day a little different from others. Usually, climate of Bulgaria is hot and dry in August, but today the weather was much colder and rainy. I arrived here more then a week ago, but never saw the rain here. Today it finally occurred. Rain is also good during the beach season, it helps nature, including people, to have a rest from endless heat. At least I perceived it this way. From the morning I watched TV with my relatives, knowing that it's my only happiness for today and the rain will never stop, but it did stop at some three o'clock. Then I came up with a better idea: to go for a walk outside.
At first I did not know where to go, but then just continued walking on Sveti Vlasiy street, which is the main street of the town. Actually, that street is a continued route which goes from Nessebar city via Sunny Beach, through Saint Vlas and to Elenite, a small town, even smaller than Saint Vlas, where the road, actually, ends, branching into smaller streets of the town.
For I did not know where will I go for a walk, I did not studied the map beforehead, and hence did not know where the road will end and where will I find myself in the long run.

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