Sunday, September 28, 2014

Indian Summer

Although weather is too standard and beaten topic to discuss, this time it can't be skipped. Today was a beautiful day in Boston. It is now almost October, but since morning it felt like end of July. Only at around half past four in the evening the weather started to change. I left home pretty late today, and when I was walking outside, I realized that it was so hot that if I won't change my T-shirt to a smaller one, I will die from touch of the Sun. Not a gentle one.

General view of Whittemore avenue, North cambridge, from Alewife Brook parkway
I now temporary live in West Medford, and my residence is steps away from the railway station. It is so close that one hundred seconds after stepping off the train I am at home. North Station, second biggest railway terminal in Boston, is the last or first stopping of the train, depending on its route, inbound or outbound respectfully. West Medford is penultimate or second as well, and it takes the train (and obviously all its passengers including me) some more then ten minutes to get from one station to another. A ride on the train costs $2.10, fifty-five cents less then a ride on subway tram.
When crossing a parking lot near Alewife station, I noticed this wooden table with benches, enchained to the tree nearby. Everything can be stolen nowadays.
A tattoo removing commercial inside the red line train I am simply out of words - there are no limits for human stupidity!
When crossing the Boston Public Garden, I saw this beautiful victorian rose - nice idea for a card.
In the middle of autumn somebody decided to plant flowers at Charles river Esplanade. Hope they will blossom this December.
I'll tell you more: hydrangea already blossom. Good for them, weather is still nice.
Indian summer is usually not very long to last. I know that today was the last day of the year this hot, tomorrow the day will be very hot, and from Tuesday temperature will lower. Indian summer is the last chance to enjoy the summer and say goodbye to it. It is the last chance to sunbathe, for those who feel that it wash't enough, last chance to hide from brain melting heat. I simply enjoyed the mid-summer weather today. It is a little sad that summer weather will soon be gone, but then there will be a time for golden autumn, which I also enjoy a lot. That's all for today, and enjoy the rest of September.

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