Monday, September 8, 2014

Some Fresh Impressions

It's hard to describe how many things happened to me during the previous week and in how many places have I been. My life goes very interesting: for a very long period of time I have no idea what to write about, and in a week so many things can happen that I just won't remember everything. Now, when the impressions are pretty fresh, I'll try to share as much as I can.
The week before my Mum offered me to visit Saint Petersburg. It was a great idea, however she thought that I won't like it. But I did, and the night which linked Monday to Tuesday was the night of our departure from Moscow. The train left very late at night and arrived at about nine o'clock in the morning. Oh, what a train it was! I felt like in a hotel room. A luxurious compartment reminded me of a hotel room. In other carriages of the train, there were compartments with a personal shower and restroom, but they were very expensive. Our seats were priced just as usual seats in common passenger carriages.
Saint Petersburg is a city which is very similar, and at the same time very different from Moscow. It has a special atmosphere which is hard to describe. I would say, it's less aggressive.
The hotel where we stayed was also of an interesting design. This unusual banquette was placed right in front of my door.
Here are a couple shots of the interior of my room, which was located on the third floor. Take a look:
Ceiling looked like a portal towering skyward.
In the hotel, everything necessary was provided.
such apartment was a budget choice to stay overnight, and a smart decision for aesthetes. When we arrived, we did not have a chance to enjoy the room since our trip was very short, and it was for walking, not for sitting in the hotel and being watched by four walls. Hotel also had a cafe downstairs. I can't describe it since we did not have a breakfast there, but it looked nice.
During the trip we've been to a lot of catering establishments, but the most remarkable of them was Moscow restaurant. Although I did not like its interior design, I have to mention that food is really tasty there. If you will ever visit this restaurant - take some shaverma there, at least ten, with you. People are of different tastes, but shaverma is unrepeatable.

Probably the most exciting moment, which I remembered more than others and will associate with this trip in future, was the Instagram photo printing station. It was a big wood-colored box with a printer in it, and surely there was a line of people who needed some photos to be printed. Or just wanted.
Another moment which I captured on my camera were pigeons devouringly eating something like they haven't seen food for a week. There was a hundred of them, maybe more, and it was just scary to come closer.

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