Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Third Year of the Events


Introduction to the Third Year of The Events.
My dear readers,
I am honored to introduce you to the third year of my personal blog, that will continue as predicted, without any changes. I hereby announce that nothing in my plan has changed, and the blog will be existing for the next four years in order to observe my personal & life events as well as the events occurring around the World from my current point of view. Every Monday @ noon Pacific Standard Time I will publish a post observing the previous week. It will serve, as planned, as a news source until 30 June 2019, and as archived observations of the time since then.
I would also like to express my thankfulness for the subscribers & readers who have been with me for the previous two years or less, and provided the most important & necessary feedback for further development. I encourage those who have recently subscribed to do the same, and criticize the news on this blog as strictly as possible. You are the only persons I am writing for, & it is a great pleasure to receive strict & fair feedback from you.

The hard copy of the Second Year of the blog (2014-2015), in both hardcover & softcover, will be published and printed on paper as soon as possible. The book is already structured and prepared to be printed; however, the copyright and other editorial issues, such as ISBN and font choice are still to be solved. I am planning to publish the book on Sunday, 1 August and print the necessary number of copies by the end of the month so on Tuesday, 1 September they will be available for purchase. It is also proposed to publish several unbounded copies for a price as low as $1. Hardcover & softcover copies will be available for the price around $3 & $2 respectfully with worldwide shipping. As soon as any changes/delays will occur, the informational notifications will be posted. As always, the online access to my blog is, and will always be available online, for free, for all.

My contact information is as follows:
E-mail, Google & YouTube:
Facebook & Instagram: vasily.rodionov.9
Skype: vasily.rodionov
LinkedIn: Vasily Rodionov

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