Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy Students Day!

Happy Students Day everyone! As far as I know, most readers of my blog are students themselves, either of a particular college/university, or of Life itself, this does not matter. I was longing to post the congratulations here since it's the only time I am posting something on this day (at least during the projected lifetime of this blog), so this post will entirely be devoted to this holiday. Honestly, I was not able to figure out how and when it originated, how it is connected to Saint Tatiana, and what's the true story behind it, and the things, so look it up yourself if you're interested.
Needless to say, nobody wished me a Happy Students Day, no-bo-dy at all, although it's my third one while I'm @ the university. On the other hand, we're all students. If we live, we learn, hence we are students from our birth to departure. So once more, Happy Students Day!

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