Friday, January 24, 2014

Siren arrest and Boston College neighborhood

On this significant and important for all of us day, let me first of all congratulate the people of the World, and especially, citizens, permanent residents and guests of the United States of America with this, I would say, first success; and at the same time, unfortunately, to bring one more condolence to our neighbors, people of Canada. If you are a person of news, that would be interesting for you; if I am the first one to show you this, take your time to release the emotions first, then continue reading. You understood everything correctly. The Siren, after she was arrested and cussed out the policemen, was kicked off the country. Really a first-ass [oh, sorry, class] effect on her public! So, at this point let me continue the scrapbook. Daily News, Boston Metro, then The New York Times, The Boston Globe and, believe it or not, The Wall Street Journal:
This is everything I have at the moment and, unfortunately, no more papers. Looks like the Siren is not disappointed about her arrest at all! The thing I regret the most now is that I don't have a chance to buy Miami Herald or other Floridian periodicals. Would be very nice to. Such an issue!
For those of you who is still able to think about something different, here are my today's photos from Boston College neighbourhood:

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