Sunday, January 19, 2014

Northeastern university skyline, old bathroom, orange juice, cupcakes and night shots

Yesterday I had a Biology lab on the six floor of Medical Studies building, and took a couple pictures from there, Northeastern University panoramas.
Ruggles subway and bus station
And then, before the laboratory ended, the snow fell. You can watch that snowfall if you want.
My landlord decided to repaint the bathroom, so early in the morning I took some shots of the old dye on the walls. An important detail of the interior of any old-styled house, I would say.

Today I did a lot of good shots at Brigham Circle neighborhood, again night sceneries.
 Visited local Stop&Shop. Is orange juice trendy?
 And of course, unusual pancakes. Now it's vice versa: not soap, but looks like one.

 Beautiful garlands on the balcony. I'm glad they still keep it.

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