Monday, January 13, 2014

Tea with orange, cute zombie, New Year tree on the top of building site, and other wonders of our city

How many unusual things can we notice once looked around? My landlord, who rents three rooms for me and two other students, got rid of his New Year tree this noon. A huge, from floor to ceiling, in former times beautiful spruce was standing in recreation room, completely dry and already without any toys or decorations on it expect one-color electric garlands. Thousands of fir needles were lying on the floor, and when a landlord made his attempts to take the garlands out, even more branches broke off and fell on the carpet. As I was helping him to take it out, he told me that he got it some time before Thanksgiving, a week or so. It was standing in a special, I would say, vase for firs, with water in it. Landlord pushed the tree from the apartment, down the stairs and outside the house, leaving half-green half-brown, no more smelling mess everywhere. What a typical annual soap opera! Outside, in front of every house on my street, huge naked brown branches were standing still.
On my way to the university there is a huge building site. A big project is being turned into reality there - a many store building. Buildings in their orange bright hard hats are working day and night. It was half past two in the afternoon, and I was walking down the Huntington avenue with a light head. Having no alarm I overslept, and now felt a little dizzy. Fortunately I had no classes today, so there was no rush. My plans could wait a minute. I tried to breath more fresh January air, thinking about how it was great that my family, despite some difficulties, had a nice safe flight over the ocean. I looked on the building site, and something above grabbed my attention. It was a tree. A New Year tree, exactly the same as my landlord was getting rid of today and the same as all those standing in front of peoples' houses waiting to be recycled into something useful or not. The first question which came from the top of my head was "Why?". Second - "How did they got it there?", and the third idea was "Why not, such an unusual thing! Not only those who design, but also those who build must be creative!"
The following event was not such a fun. I went to the police office to find out if there is a result of investigation. My cellular phone was stolen from Public Library I can't even imagine how. On the way to the police there was a beautiful house. I don't know why but I thought that it must be a museum of biology. Probably Darwin's Museum of Natural History in Moscow looks pretty the same. I know that the majority of attention will be grabbed by the car in  front. I also think it's nice and modern-designed, though headlights would be better if they were round- or rectangle-shaped, not oval. But pay attention on the building, a very nice architectural tip.
Another thing that I noticed was a yard with fountain. For those of you whose major is design,

And the result was nothing. "If they will have something for you, they will contact your current address". But I need a cell. Right now.
Anyways, I thought, if I buy another one and they will find my old, I can sell the one I buy.
After the police and some other places I had to return to the university to get a husky card and see my advisor, as she was there after four. Near the university, naturally, there are a lot of students. Youth are so creative! Halloween is far in the past and the next one is not around the corner, but of course it's not a hindrance for the deceased to walk and breath fresh January air, as I actually do.
Not as coat, as color of her hair describes her previous distant death…
Evening brought its surprises too. I am sitting at Prudential food corner now, and here I experience another wonder. It is tea with orange. I don't know what you think about it, but I, as a prim, raised in England style person, know that the tea is drank with lemon, for me it is written in stones. Here in Prudential works one assistant who knows me for a long time. When she sees me kilometer away walking towards her bakery, she starts cooking big hot tea with lemon to go, and when I come it is ready and waits me to take it. But today when I came, assistant said that there was a problem: she had no lemons. However, she offered me a cup of tea with orange. "If you don't like it, I'll get you a lemon". That moment I understood how typically I think. I had no idea that a tea can be drank with orange. I mean, nobody in general does it, but why not? It must be great! And it was.

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