Saturday, November 15, 2014

Annelida & Arthropoda

Nereis, under 20 times magnification

Dog tick, under 45 times magnification
Dog mite, under 45 times magnification
Dog tick and mite, under 10,5 times magnification

Chicken mite, under 45 times magnification
Female cyclop, under 45 times magnification

Male cyclop, under 45 times magnification

Flea, under magnification of 45 times

Pediculus, under magnification of 45 times

Mosquito, under magnification of 20 times


  1. Where these beautiful worms live? Ask to stay away from these places.)))

  2. You can learn a lot about the worms habitat from fact It depends on which worms you are writing about, earth worms or parasitic worms. Both of them are amazing in different ways. Earth worms and round worms (tube-shaped), the most familiar ones, can be found on land and in water, virtually in every habitat on Earth, so generally it's hard to answer your question. Those shown on the pictures above are the huge, tropical ones, so avoid warm tropical forests if you dislike them. As you probably know, they usually can be seen after rain, because they are attracted by wet environment.
    Another type of worms, parasitic, live inside animals and feed on the food their host (i.e. animal they parasite) eats. People generally want to get rid of parasitic worms if they have them (at least 70% of all animals, humans included, do), however such parasites rarely show signs of their life inside of host's organism. It's just the way they survive.