Saturday, November 1, 2014

Weather predictions for November

The first day of each month is usually a day just to be curious how the month ahead will look like. We plan our events, give ourselves promises that we never follow (you know what I mean), start something new, both officially and personally. And of course, the first day of each month is a time for hydrometeorological centers to tell us what the weather will be. Frankly, I always thought that they just tell whatever comes to the top of their head, without considering it true or not. I saw meteorologists as the most lazy people in the world who basically have to do nothing on their job.
In reality, how do meteorologist predicts weather is a good question for Student Ask. Usually, they rely mostly on the data they have, i.e. historical records of high/low temperature, atmospheric pressure, conditions, and a bunch of other data. Then, they measure all those factors to hold the up-to-date record and try to consider what the weather will be in hours, days and even weeks. The main idea of weather prediction in modern times is looking for patterns. It is true that their job is very interesting, it is, I would say, exciting. Data, which they work with, always changes, and they always have to update their predictions to be more and more exact and reliable.

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