Monday, November 10, 2014

Positive Attitude

The darkness was so dense that I felt no difference with my eyes wide open and completely closed. I was groping the stairwell steps with my feet, carefully wading upstairs and trying to make as less sound as possible. I was in the middle between second and third floors. There was a ceiling window, but it was so dark outside that no light permeated through it. I glimpsed on my watch, fortunately its hands were made of neon and radiated mysterious green light. They showed half past four in the evening. "Holy smoke!"- I thought. "Since the clock fell one hour back, whenever I return home, even if it is so early, it's already dark." When I was entering the porch I couldn't think that it would be so dark. If I only knew, I'd turn the lights on. Now, when I almost made it to my apartment, it wouldn't make any sense going all the way down to turn on the light bulb.
I was lucky enough to enter the third floor apartment without stumbling and falling down the stairs, but the inner dispute if it's wrong or right to have summer- and winter time and to but clocks back and forth two times a year did not leave me. I always thought it being wrong, and I believed that we should live on winter time basis year round. Today I became more confident in it, for I don't believe that it preserves energy at all. Returning home so early, I already had to turn all the lights on, but on the other hand, when I get up in the morning, it's already light, while before the clock fell back, it was dark.

Empty fountain at Boston Common. Due to early frosts, it was turned off.

A nap.

Who could name himself TED on the mailbox?

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