Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Smokes and Fogs

A strange and mysterious gas, which covered Moscow, Russia, this Monday, was reported. A lot of mass media discuss the ecological situation which was literally undermined by some chemical plant in Kapotnya, but nobody is able to answer who to blame. Chemical analysis showed that the gas was Hydrogen Sulfide, or H2S. According to a lot of mass media websites it became clear that there actually was a massive gas blowout from one of the Gazprom's refinery. The controversy with that issue started when it was stated that the gas is not poisonous (which is actually true, because H2S is used in medicine), but recommended to shut the windows and stay indoors.
In Boston, however, the air is clear, frosty, pleasure-to-smell and easy-to-breathe, but a lot of other controversies pop up instead of the one above. This morning, skateboarding to my university lectures, I noticed a car standing at the parking lot exit. Because of the Sun reflecting from the side window, I could not see the driver, so I decided that he was waiting for me to pass. I passed, and to thank the driver for waiting rose my right hand, and immediately noticed that there was no driver at all. The car was empty.
A couple hours before, as soon as I got up and looked out of the window, I saw a dense fog outside. My window is located on the third floor of the building with a good view from it, but due to lack of sunlight I couldn't make a good picture.
High-speed track for local shuttle train at Assembly station, Somerville

Projected drive at Assembly

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