Monday, November 3, 2014

Au Gratuit Bouillante

This night I couldn't fall asleep again (it often happens with me), and decided not to waste the time in vain, and to learn to make night shots, when there is almost no light. Such landscape photos are pretty difficult to take, especially if there is a window glass in front of camera. The night was chilly, and to open the window and pull up the mosquito screen (what's the use of it in November?) automatically meant to make my bedroom as chilly as the outside was. After several attempts of choosing the right mode, exposure and glass-thru method, I got this:
The problem with this picture is that only the bright objects, i.e. those which radiate light are visible on the black background. In general, it's just a black rectangle with some very small yellow and white objects on it. The landscape itself, illuminated with moonlight, can not be seen.
When I made an attempt of capturing Moon with magnification, I did not get any good results as well.
The only problem here, again, is a window glass. My camera is designed for night landscapes and for taking glass thru photos as well, but not for both of those factors at the same time. On the image above, a visible side of the surface of the moon can be seen, as well as the bright object below it, which is also Moon, reflected by window glass.

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